(Pricing guide is valid from May 1st, 2019)
Please note that I ‘make to order’ with most of my cookies. Therefore, pricing is difficult to define here and now.

I am always happy to provide an obligation-free quote for all customers – there is absolutely no pressure to go ahead with your order if you feel the price is not right for you.

Also, please be aware that these quotes cover my ingredients (which are all fresh & premium quality), overall costs & my time. Some items will take longer, especially if they have intricate designs or many processes.


Cookies come in so many shapes & sizes that it is very difficult to set prices, but please be aware of the following pricing guide for cookies:

  • Cookies are available in small, medium & large – this is part of how they are priced.
  • Cookies can have a simple colour palette, or a complex colour pallette – the more colours I have to mix up, the higher the price.
  • Cookies are all hand-piped, so the more complex the design, the longer they will take, and therefore the higher the price. For example, lettering is time-consuming.
  • Please be aware that my minimum order for cookies is 15.
  • As a guide, the following cookie is a medium cookie, with various colours, and limited hand-piped detail & is $5 per cookie:
    • unicorn

Cookies are available in vanilla, chocolate or gingerbread. I also have other flavour options, such as lemon, orange, raspberry, with various combinations for the royal icing flavours (including pineapple, coconut, tutti frutti & apple).

Please send through your questions for an obligation-free quote, via the contact page.